Buying The Highest Quality Saffron in The UK

By Eco-Pebble

Saffron is a precious spice that has been used for centuries in a wide range of cuisines and cultural practices.  It is well-known for its distinct flavor and aroma, as…
vanilla bean

Which is the best type of vanilla bean?

By Eco-Pebble

What Is a Vanilla Bean?Globally, there are over 100 varieties of vanilla orchids. Only one, Planifolia, produces the fruit responsible for 99 percent of commercial vanilla, and previously the vast…
spanish saffron

Spanish Saffron, Persian Saffron, 1g or 4.6g? Which is better? Now you need to learn

By Eco-Pebble

Spanish saffron, Persian Saffron Which is better ? Now you need to learn Let’s begin – what is Saffron and where did it come from? Saffron is the filaments from…
damask rosebuds

Dried Rosebuds – beautiful dried pink rosebuds amazing in tea…..gin……everything!

By Eco-Pebble

Damask Rosebuds are primarily used to create rose water or rose oil, used in perfume and gourmet cuisine, and are also used for their unique flavour and aroma; they are…
saffron test

Saffron Test in 30 Minutes – Simple and Easy to Perform

By Eco-Pebble

If you are unsure about the quality of Saffron you should always test it. The Saffron Test -Our Grade A Saffron is supplied to some of the best restaurants and…


By Eco-Pebble

Bamboo is a grass not a wood, and the bamboo plant grows at a great speed and regrows once harvested, making it the perfect sustainable material for many different uses.…
benefits of saffron

The Benefits of Saffron | No.1…lowering of the blood pressure

By Eco-Pebble

So many people have different stories about the many health benefits of Saffron but purely based on the actual compounds of the Crocus Sativus and medical studies so far -…

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