The Benefits of Saffron | No.1…lowering of the blood pressure

benefits of saffron

So many people have different stories about the many health benefits of Saffron but purely based on the actual compounds of the Crocus Sativus and medical studies so far – they are as follows:
Brain Damage & Anti-depressionSaffron contains crocin and crocetin both protect brain cells against brain damage and also have anti-depressant properties, and has been used in many studies where 30mg of Saffron produced the same results as other well know anti-depressant drugs (well worth a google!)

Anticancer properties – Kaempferol found in Saffron has been studied for its anticancer properties, in studies it has proven to kill cancerous cells whilst leaving normal cells unharmed.
Increased Libido – In studies of the benefits of Saffron has proven to be successful in increasing sexual desire between men and women, as well as improve erectile dysfunction caused from standard antidepressant drugs.
Memory and Learning Ability – The National Institute of Health produced large amounts of data on Saffron improving memory and learning ability.
All of these benefits require extensive google investigation from yourself to decide which ones are more valid than others!

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