2 Eco-Pebble Cheese Boards / Chopping Boards, or the Perfect Chef’s Present


Two Wonderful, Beautiful, and Sustainable Eco-Pebble Food Boards + UK Delivery
-Also perfect as a cheese board.

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 Two Wonderful, Beautiful Food / Chopping Boards (also perfect as a cheese board)

cheese board


An amazing deal for 2 very high quality food serving or preparation boards made by British Hotel Supplies Company, Eco-Pebble.

You could not pick a better gift at a better price for 2 people covering:

-A Wedding Present
-An Anniversary Gift, especially for 2 keen chefs or a couple wanting to cook more or start cooking. By Tradition the 5th Anniversary present should be wood, so even though bamboo is a grass it still covers this!

-A Housewarming gift – a unique and very long lasting present for any friends or family starting life in a new house as his and hers gifts.

-Christmas and Birthday

Perfect for use as a cheese board, a food serving board, or for preparing food as a cutting board.

1 4 cheese board




Compressed Bamboo is very hard and also antibacterial unlike standard wooden boards.
Easy to grip with an inset handle. Non-Toxic, Eco-Friendly, and easy to wash with warm water and washing liquid. Bamboo is a naturally antibacterial grass with has many superior elements to wood for use as a chopping/cutting board.

Bamboo, a grass, is also much better for maintenance of your knives as it consists of many small layers rather than 1 solid piece of wood, and is also resistant to scarring from knife blades.

Plastic boards are the worst for damaging your knives, and also as a grove appears in each plastic board you realise that you are in fact eating small particles of plastic….yuk.

When you see an Eco-Pebble board that is a few years old you can see many small lines across the top of the board but no actual cuts into the board or actual damage.

A normal wooden chopping board or cheese board will lose small pieces or chunks over time which will get worse due to the porosity of wood.  Some of our pizza boards (that we have supplied even up to a thousand boards to a single restaurant chain) are used several times a day and still going strong years later.

SOLD TO THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY IN OVER 20 COUNTRIES. We supply 100s of 5* hotels globally with our super strong and beautiful food boards. No cracking, warping, or splitting. Perfect as a cheese board, or for Bread, Pizza, or any meats, fish, or vegetables.

We have supplied breweries, global restaurant chains, and supermarkets, please see the photos.  We have supplied main supermarket chains in the UK, Hotel Suppliers all over the middle east, and 100s of very high end restaurants globally.

100% SUSTAINABLE MADE FROM COMPRESSED BAMBOO. Eco-Pebble boards are made from certified sustainable bamboo which is fully grown within 6 months, and then regrows, and regrows.

No matter how much you cut the bamboo plants the shoots always grow back, growing at an incredible 1mm per 90 seconds!  Perfect material for a super strong 100% sustainable chopping / cheese board, or for serving food.

Served to the hospitality and retail sector in over 20 countries and made for many private household brands. You are only paying the wholesale price and not the heavily marked up retail price.

OVER 50,000 SOLD, feel assured with renowned quality.
1 YEAR INTERNATIONAL GUARANTEE, his and hers any issues, any problems and we would replace it……….we are very confident you will love your Eco-Pebble!

Please read the comments from our many customers on Amazon, Ebay, & Etsy, and you can see the worldwide satisfaction on our products designed to last, and designed for daily use and his and hers gifts.

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Dimensions37.8 × 20.8 × 1.5 cm


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