Grade A Saffron 1 gram Packet Grade A, Internationally Graded by ISO + Free UK Shipping


Grade A Saffron 1 gram Packet, Internationally Graded by ISO + Free UK Shipping


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Grade A Saffron (Rated by ISO 9001:2015, Switzerland) This is the best sargol saffron available in the world hand picked for professional chefs.

This Grade A Saffron is only the stamen of the Crocus Sativus plants, and not other different coloured or dyed parts like you receive in low grade Saffron. If you buy Saffron that has not been internationally graded you do not know what you are buying. Eco-Pebble Saffron 1 gram is Graded A by ISO.

 British Company adhering to all UK Quality standards

 for packing and product specifications for saffron 1 gram.

No Colouring or Additives – every batch is tested to certify that it is 100% Sargol Saffron. Persian Sargol Saffron is much stronger than other Saffrons, the rule of thumb is the darker the colour the higher the quality.

We have provided instructions on how you can test any Saffron is not fake in the product photos.

BE ASSURED – Provided to the 5* hospitality industry in over 20 Countries. We supply to many retailers, famous chefs, and restaurants around the world including one of London’s top 10 restaurants.

You use much less, with this very strong Saffron only a few strands is more than enough per serving.

Amazing value: Grade A Sargol Saffron 1 gram market rate is £9.00. Comes in an airtight resealable bag – keeping all 5 packets fresh before and after opening them.


Each 1g of Saffron also has a resealable airtight container.


Popular uses of Saffron in cooking: Paella, cooking with fish and especially shellfish, saffron in home made pasta, saffron rice, Bouillabaisse,  Persian cuisine, Indian cuisine, custard, moussaka, and endless possibilities!

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