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The best cardamom pods will look green and healthy, not yellow or grey. The smell of our superior cardamom pods will fill the room with an amazing aroma when you open the packet, and just one or 2 pods is more than enough to use when you would normally use 4 or more. And although only costing £2.99 this packet will last you a long time, you will get the same amount of cardamom pods that you can see in the photo.

Cardamom is a key ingredient for a vast amount of Middle Eastern cuisine, including Indian, Persian, and Arabic Cuisine, and the importance of selecting high quality cardamom is essential and it will be completely noticeable in the served food. The aroma and flavour of the cardamom should be something that amazes you when you smell the pods, and not something that you should have to try to smell. We are excited thinking about when you first open the Eco-Pebble packet of Superior Cardamom.

Cardamom tea is globally renowned for its health benefits; it has antioxidant and diuretic properties and is said to aid digestive problems and also contain anti-inflammatory effects. Many use it to tackle bad breath simply by swallowing whole pods.

BE ASSURED – Provided to the 5* hospitality industry in over 20 Countries. We supply many retailers, famous chefs, and restaurants around the world including one of London’s top 10 restaurants. We use simple, airtight, resealable packaging, so that we keep our pricing low and do not charge extra for unnecessary unsustainable packaging. We are a UK company based in Aldeburgh, Suffolk.

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