Beautiful and super strong Food board with inside handle 38cm x 26cm x 1.8cm


One of Eco-Pebble’s most popular food board / food serving board. A well-sized thick and strong board with an inset handle.

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One of our most popular boards internationally is this ultra thick, strong, and smooth (with rounded edges) food board or/and serving board. We have made it for famous distilleries, national supermarkets, as well as constantly sell many thousands to retailers around the UK and Middle East.

It is made from compressed bamboo and consists of vertical strips, instead of horizontal strips like regular boards; to try and describe this in a better way, imagine a wall where the bricks are rotated 90 degrees, there would be many more bricks used and the wall would be much stronger.

Compressed bamboo is very tough, much tougher than standard wood used for food boards, it is antibacterial, it is non absorbent, and very easy to clean with hot water and washing liquid.

These boards will last a life time when looked after, and maintenance is very simple, you simply need to sparingly wipe olive oil, or any vegetable oil, over all of the board every 2 to 3 months (olive oil has the best smell so is the usual preference).

This food board can be used for preparing meat, fish, or vegetables, and can also be used for serving the food. 100s of 5* hotels use this board for serving food, as well as many pubs and bistros around the world.

We offer a 1 year international warrantee, and if for any reason your board needed replacing of course we would do it, we our very sure you will love this Eco-Pebble.


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Supplier of Grade A Sustainable products and ingredients to the 5* Hospitality Industry.


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